Memberships and Prices

If you encounter any difficulty signing up or choosing a membership, please just email your desired membership/sign up to

Be sure to inquire about our discounts for college students, senior citizens and veterans.


We do not combine discounts, we will apply the biggest discount to price.

Refund Policy

While we do not offer refunds, we want everyone coming to Budokon MD to be happy.  So if you can’t use a membership, you can exchange it for another class or transfer it to another person.  Can’t wait to see you in class!



If you have bought a Groupon Voucher for classes at Budokon MD, please do the following:
1. go to membership page and choose appropriate Groupon membership
2. create a student profile
3. email voucher number along with student profile name to
4. go to schedule page and reserve class spot

Can’t wait to see you on the mat!