Budokon Martial Arts

A combination of our signature standing and grappling techniques, all drawn from the Japanese fighting arts.


The Budokon®Martial Arts curriculum consists of a combination of our signature standing and grappling techniques all drawn from a mixture of traditional and competitive Martial Arts  systems. We use the Martial Arts in the developmental areas of emotion and movement. Along with the ability to defend oneself, Martial Arts brings to the surface many underdeveloped areas in the student from physical weakness to unresolved emotional fears. There are numerous philosophical Martial Arts principles applied and taught in regard to self awareness, leadership, and service that apply to all areas of development.

As a mixed martial and yogic arts system we operate on a six-belt system:

Students start at the white belt level and continue through the ranks until black belt. Each belt rank takes approximately 6 months to 1 year to achieve. Each belt is measured by classroom & personal practice hours and curriculum-specific evaluations.  Evaluations are held every three months giving students the opportunity to test for their belt rank year-round.